BCD325P2: Capacity Max Troubles

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Dec 19, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Has anyone successfully setup a Capacity Max system? I have one near my and my 325 refuses to do anything with it (no problems on my Whistler however). On the 325 if I sit on a preprogrammed talkgroup it always displays 'Finding CtrlCh' (I forget the exact verbiage). Running the scanner in ID Search mode results in nothing at all. One thing I've noticed while watching the system is that CapMax is definitely a different animal vs Connect Plus. For starters the Channel ID's (LCNs) don't start at 1. In my case it's 837 or something like that. Also, the control channel never seems to transmit on Slot 2, and never transmits a Channel ID for itself. DSD+ only shows a '?' when I'm parked on the CC. I'm assuming it's this lack of channel announcement that might be messing things up? When I manually sit on a voice channel I get good audio and color code displayed, but never anything else. No Net/SysID etc. No talkgroups or RIDs either.

Very weird and very frustrating!
Not open for further replies.