Car Struck By Train

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Jul 26, 2005
Charles Town, Jefferson Co, WV
Initial call came in for car stuck on tracks and Whistle Stop Lane. I believe in/near Shepherds Town. The driver got out of veh. A train was now reported to approaching scene. The train struck the veh and is now stopped. The driver CRAWLED UNDER THE STOPPED TRAIN, and is refusing to come out. The subject is now in custody. Note:this whole incident occurred in less than ten minutes. Interesting listening.
Not sure if rescue has been called as I have been listening to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. From deputy traffic, it seems that the subject is in custody. Weird incident to say the least. Sorry, in my haste did not post in "Incidents and Breaking News". From further traffic, I believe the incident occured near Haprper's Ferry, south of Rt 340. The trains that transverse that area go from Brunswick Md through Charles Town and on to Winchester VA. Their rate of travel is between 10 and 15 mph. This line usuallly handles fewer than five trains per day.
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