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Car to Car Car to Base Setup Q's

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Dec 7, 2012
*** Note: I realize this is an advanced community. I will be asking incredibly simple Q's. I will appreciate
any/all replies, advice, instructions. I have not researched comm systems bc I do not know
what Q's to ask and have limited radio-speak terminolgy.
Simply put, I want to set up a Reliable 2way radio system so I can communicate with my family.. car to car or home to car over distances (e.g.: 1 mile to 300 miles) for the purpose of pimary daily use communication. The radios must be portable and slip into the car convert-a-com while driving.
Basically to replace cell phone useage and for emegency situations. I want to become self-sufficient
radio comm-wise instead of relying on cell/sat/pc systems.
As far as budget goes: Is money a problem... Money is always a problem but.. I will find resources nec.
Should I:
1) Contact a business band company?
2) Contact Motorola and get into their program and repeater network?
3) Join established amatuer Associations with reliable private repeater networks?
4) Install my own repeater?
5) Get my Ham License?
... Extended family, relatives, friends, neighbors have also expressed interest in this idea. All willing to
acquire radios/equip to be in communication with each other. (Approx 60)
Location: Chino Hills, Ca.
Thanks - Bill


Sep 8, 2002
300 mile range? FORGET IT. Not gonna happen. Use your cell phone.

A really GOOD repeater set up on a 400 foot tower might cover your whole county. Call it 50 miles in every direction at the fringe of coverage. Cost: High five figures, maybe six figures.

VHF and UHF (and above) are line of sight. If you can't see the antenna, you can't get a signal.

Even on the HF amateur radio bands, no band is going to give reliable communications from day to day and hour to hour on any HF band.
Sure, there will be times when that might work but it won't be always there and always working.

There MIGHT be multi-state commercial radio networks you could use that would do that, but I would not expect them to be particularly cheap to join up with.
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