CARMA Picnic June 21, 2014

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Dec 14, 2001
Far NW Valley
Please join us at the combined Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association / Bensenville - O'Hare Airport Watch Summer Picnic in Bensenville on June 21, 2014. We will set up in the empty lot just west of Aviation Universe, 13 W. Main Street. We will start about 10:00 and finish up about 2:00 PM but you are welcome to stay as long as you like!

The picnic location is at:

Rain Date is June 28 just in case...

Food and soft drinks will be provided by Aviation Universe, Airport Watch and CARMA and the restroom at Aviation Universe will be available.

Feel free to bring family and friends and if you want to bring your specially prepared grill creations to share go for it!

Our Picnic is sponsored by:

Aviation Universe: Chicagoland's premier aviation enthusiasts store

CARMA: The largest scanner club in the USA

B-ORD Airport Watch: Bringing security and fellowship to aviation fans in the Chicago area

The picnic grounds are across the street from the Milwaukee District West line's Bensenville depot with a great mix of freight and passenger traffic going by. Also visible in the area is CP and UP's lines from Bensenville and Proviso north to Deval and Milwaukee.

Just to the east is O'Hare and constant traffic in and out goes by overhead.

Freqs to listen to:

145.770 CARMA Simplex
161.520 Milwaukee District West Line Road Channel
160.770 CP Rail north Road
160.485 UP Road
121.150 ORD Center Tower
120.750 ORD Center Tower
132.700 ORD Center Tower
126.900 ORD Center Tower
128.150 ORD Tower North
154.370 Bensenville FPD
SC21 TG 2601, 2602 Bensenville PD
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