Carry case for my PRO-96 & BCD396T radios

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Dec 19, 2002
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Hi all-

Paul from Oz was kind enough to show us his 396T carry case, and I thought I'd share my handheld scanner carry case--made from an old Iomega portable zip drive padded case. Of course the zip drive has gone the way of the dodo, but whenever I can, I like to take a few portables with me--espeically if I'll be staying in a hotel somewhere. It passes the time, and keeps me from staying in the bar too late.

The first photo shows the outside of the case--good padding, zippers on three sides, and with a nice web handle.

The Second photo shows the interior:
1. Netting for a doc holder on the upper left--don't forget your FCC Ham license--it's come in handy.
2. Antennae go into the upper right pocket.
3. Main compartment on the left side holds the radios, along with a padded/velcroed cover over the screens to avoid any scratches.
4. Just above the radios is the wall wart for the 396T.
5. To the right of the radios is the white wall wart for the 96, along with a few other odds and ends.
6. The last pocket in the right corner holds a few earpieces, and the cigarette lighter adaptors for the radios.

The Third shot is a closer view of the radio/accessory compartment

Lastly, the fourth shot shows the radios with the screen protector flipped out of the way, but still velcroed onto the bag, so it doesn't get lost.

Hope you like it--it's got quite a few miles on it.

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Dec 14, 2005
That's really neat and safe for the scanners. I use a similar pouch for my Pro-97 and Pro-96 when I'm on the go. But this is great. Thanks for showing.
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