Casting feeds: Chromecast/Google Home

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Mar 13, 2012
Pearl, MS
Just thought I'd share this idea since I did it today...

If you have a Google Home unit, it can function as a scanner audio listening device. Here's how I did it, using the Rankin County Police and Fire feed but you can use whatever feed you like...

Of course your Google Home device has to be connected to your home internet network but it should be already if you own one. Also, your PC has to be on the same network as well.

On your PC, You'll need to use the latest Google Chrome web browser as it has casting built into it.

In my Chrome browser, I go to . I browse the feeds, choose Mississippi, then choose Rankin County. On the Rankin County page, I choose the Rankin County Police and Fire feed and set it to play in the HTML5 Web Player, the Flash Web Player or the Java Web Player. If either of these three player options doesn't work for you, try one of the others out of those three options. Then I clicked the Listen/Play button. This opens up a smaller browser window that begins playing the feed.

Now, I right click anywhere inside that smaller browser window and choose the Cast... option. This brings up a pop-up where you should see a list of your Chromecast devices. Select which one you want. In my case, I chose my Google Home unit that is in my living room - but it will also play on your TV if you have a Chromecast device attached to it and you choose that device - or if you have a Smart TV that has casting. Basically, any device you see in the popup list, you can send the scanner feed audio to it.

And that's it. I'm listening to Rankin County Police and Fire feed on my Google Home device in my living room right now.

Don't forget when you're done listening though, while on the small browser window that's playing the feed, to right click anywhere in it, choose Cast... and when the popup opens, click Stop - so that it stops casting the audio to your device.... UNLESS you're listening on your Google Home device which in case you can simply talk to it and tell it to stop: "Hey Google." It lights up to listen. "Stop". It stops playing. Ahhh, modern technology!

Also, you can do this from a tablet or phone as well by playing a feed in your preferred phone scanner app (I use Scanner Radio Pro on an Android phone), opening the Google Home app and casting to your device of choice.
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