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Aug 15, 2020
Was thinking about getting back into the hobby of cb's. Last did this in the 70's, just wondering if there is still an interest out there? According to the Web, it is coming back. Back then the people on the radio were decent and courteous, wondering if that is still the case. Thanks for your time.


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Feb 18, 2015
Severn, Maryland, USA
Hi @KEATSKI and welcome to Radio Reference!

A lot has changed in the world since the 1970s when I too got my start in CB Radio. IMHO, you will find it both ways on CB Radio today. There are some decent conversations and then there are the raunchy and discourteous conversations. Here in the Baltimore area, that sort of goes by channel and whether or not you are using AM or SSB. If you are talking about the Wisconsin area for your city, you may want to click the "Report" link at the bottom left and ask to have this post moved to the Wisconsin area forums. If you will be traveling and are talking nationwide, then this is a good place for your post. Let's see what the others have to say. Cheers! Dave


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Aug 4, 2020
Fort Worth
Q5 Communications in Madison, WI is one of the very few CB Shops recommended to OTR truckers.

Online retailers of repute include

Bells CB

Bobs CB

Clays CB


General Purpose: CBRadioMagazine

Uniden or President radios (AM/SSB only). I prefer Galaxy-brand day in/out as a truck driver.

Skipshooter top load antennas for mobile (price goes up from there but not much in performance).

A West Mountain Radio ClearSpeech DSP Speaker is an eye-opening change from the old days (or an in-line DSP module).

Cures for CMC & RFI have advanced, too (antenna feedpoint isolation). Ferrites in their various shapes as coax chokes, etc. See:

Palomar Engineers

The Mobile Installation Bible for Amateur Radio applies to CB


(Links, alone, make it worth the study).

Sideband performance, IMO, is the goal. Where that is attended, all else is improved.

Mobile antenna location is the usual major failure. Seconded by the mount itself. “Best” in those alleviates MOST other problems.

(Consider a permanent NMO-Mount Larsen 27 as the baseline. One can improve from there, but to go with a lesser choice is the equivalent of falling down a hillside.)

As an OTR truck driver I can assure you that THIS approach is so very effective that this radio rig is practically the best one out on the road that day.

My idea of basic is:

Uniden 980 AM/SSB
NMO Larsen

One can go “up” from there (price to performance falls), but to go less almost isn’t worth it.

(Example: Mag Mount antennas cause vehicle finish damage and when coupled to capacitance performance losses, it renders them a joke. Yes, they can work well. No, they aren’t convenient, get damaged INSIDE the vehicle, etc. Permanent Mount has no down-side).

Let me expand that last part: The gear above can capture & translate pretty much all that can be heard locally. DSP shows you what the radio received but you couldn’t hear. You will hear most SSB TX as a mobile when conditions are favorable (even if they can’t hear you), and for practical purposes otherwise you will hear and be heard.

The mobile unit which has the most distant handshake from your base station (is how to think about both).

In short, for both, it’s not about big power, but best gear choice & installation.

Think of yourself as moving from the Hollywood bad caricature CB RAMBO to an Eleven Meter Radio Operator where the Amateur concerns with performance apply.

Good luck!


As to courteous or discourteous that will often come down to you.

A morning commuter on-air, well-mannered (unruffled by a few bad apples), is an example others will follow.

Discourteous extends throughout society today. By that standard, why should I ever extend courtesy to someone tattooed and in-public walking around in his underwear (tee shirt & shorts).

Best get used to the idea that 4-letter words are part & parcel of everyone who has a television in their home.

From a distance across a public square the others vocabulary is irrelevant. His appearance, however, is STILL offensive to good conduct.

Hang in there. Take no outward offense. Persevere. The difference experienced on CB in different cities is this personal choice.

One man can do it.

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