CB radio antenna issues

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Sep 22, 2014
Gooooood day.

I have a little issue with my truck antenna and just hope to find an answer here before I went to a CB doctor. I bought a Cobra 29 LTD for my Volvo 780. The original antenna setup on the truck didn't work at all. Now I have a two antenna setup, 2 x 48" fiberglass antennas mounted to the mirrors. Unfortunately the company who did that wrapped some electrical tape around the plastic mirror arms to prevent scratches...? Anyway, I'm able to receive with the radio but when I start talking nobody is able to understand me... Also in the lower channels it works better but 19 and above I have the red antenna LED illuminated when I start talking. It's better when the engine isn't running but actually I have the problem all the time... Now I bought a bird perch which I mounted to the driver side door. A heavy duty mount and a oil cooled 54" steel whip antenna (offer at the FJ). I also bought a 112 cable for the radio and attached everything... Now with this setup I have the red LED light illuminated all the time when I push the mic. But I can receive... So is there anybody with a suggestion what my problem might be? I thought the ground issue should have been solved with the bird perch but that wasn't the case for some reason. Or is the 112 wire to small and I need a 148 strings? So a one with a bigger diameter? And why is the LED red while transmitting but more likely as higher I go in the channels... - not in the lower ones? Is it the radio? SWR is always okay. I calibrate the radio and the SWR is around 1 even below. Any help? Thanks
Not open for further replies.