CBP action in Florida & Georgia

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Oct 18, 2001
Sumter County, GA, USA
Was listening this week to Customs working two aircraft (91J & 14J) on NET-1 (165.2375 PL 100.0 with/without encryption). Heard one plane and the ground contact ("dispatch") very clearly and had the other plane intermittently, all with a rubber duck antenna on my handheld. Their apprehension plan included both planes, from two ends, intercepting and following the bad guys. According to their flight paths and named airport destination, they were leaving Florida to contact a suspect plane in Georgia.

At the "good part," the primary plane wanted to go direct with the secondary plane and asked dispatch to relay to them to push to the "BLUE 3" frequency. Dispatch sounded relieved, as he stated it would release the simulcast patch he had on NET-1 and NET-2.

I'm in Jacksonville, FL and was unable to (quickly) find this frequency (I have now, 350.025).

If the bad guys were caught and the arrest(s) make the news, I'll post a link as a comment here.
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