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Feb 24, 2001
I see that the CDCR has obtained approval from the Northern California Chapter of APCO to apply for FCC licenses at a number of Cal Fire conservation camps for use of 155.5050. The approvals are for mobile use, which implies that it will be a tac frequency. The CDCR employs 800 MHz at their correctional facilities so I would guess that this VHF High frequency will be added to correctional officer's handhelds that are loaded with the standard Cal Fire program.

Here is the link to the latest APCO frequency log:

I'm going to add the frequency to all my files and include it in my natural resource, California large fire and federal large fire lists. I would imagine this will be a statewide mobile frequency.

I was assigned as an engine captain (Type III rig) on a small fire near Bishop years ago that wasn't far from the Owens Valley camp. One of the crew members from Owens Valley complained about the sack lunch (a frequent valid complaint) served as dinner then refused to work until he could get a decent dinner. A CDC van showed up and a couple of correction officers put the silver bracelets on him and drove him to Folsom at about 0100. No second chances were given and they already had the inmate's personal property loaded on the van.

The traffic on this new tactical could be interesting as situations like this are somewhat frequent.
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