CDN1250 and Uniden scanner for feed HELP NEEDED

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Feed Provider
Dec 1, 2006
I am attempting to use a Motorola DDM1250 to do VHF fire ground and a Uniden BC-796D to do Digital channels. If I plug the CDM directly in to the PC it works perfect, same with the scanner by it self. I use a stereo splitter to connect both radios to the PC. I been using the splitter with two scanners and it works fine. When I plug the CDM in, I get AM radio loud and clear. I tried to ground the radio to the PC with no results. I put in an isolating resistor, it did nothing. I put an in-line volume control, no good. I tried to plug the scanner in with the CDM to see what would happen, I still get the AM radio. Anyone running a feed with this type of configuration??
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