Cecil County (MD) 2 Vehicle Accident With Entrapment

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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
By West Grove Fire Company December 7, 2010 On Saturday December 4th the West Grove Fire Company sent Rescue 22 to Cecil County(MD) to do a standby for the Singerly Fire Company 3,13,14, while their firefighters were out training in an acquired structure. Rescue 22 was hit out for a rescue box around 1515 hours on Elkton Road north of Belle Hill Road. Rescue 22 along with Ambulance 13 hit the street right after dispatch. While enrout Cecil County Fire Board reported several calls of a head on collision and one possible rescue (entrapment). Ambulance 13 arrived on scene first, confirming the report and had Rescue 22 turn around and pull up next to the vehicle. Safety 13 ran command and called for additional resources. Rescue 8 and Engine 9 (Aetna New Castle County) along with two helicopters for transport to the hospital were called to the scene. Rescue 22's crew laid out tools and stabilized the car. Once the car was stabilized the crew started removal of the drivers door and windshield. Then Aetna arrived on scene and began cutting the passenger side, so the roof could be removed. After the roof was removed crews began to roll the dash so the victim could be removed from the car. Once the dash was rolled crews assisted EMS by putting the patient on the back board, then was taken to the helicopter for transportation. Both crews cleaned up their tools and went available around 1645 hours. After reporting back to station 13 Rescue 22 returned back to the West Grove local. Units: Rescue 22
Rescue 22 at Station 13 Squart 13 blocking the highway Volvo Vs. Dodge Volvo Vs. Dodge with one trapped on Elkton Road. Paint cans explode during collision. Rescue 22 with Rescue 8 and Engine 9
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