Center Point FD + Fultondale FD MVA

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Dec 27, 2007
Central AL
Center Point is on scene at Indian Valley Parkway and Carson Rd. for a MVA with entrapment. It was one vehicle with 5 occupants, 2 are trapped, and 3 were minors.
UPDATE: 2 Lifesavers have been called in, both were on scene at 10:30. Three patients have been transported, two are being revived. I live on the border on Clay and Pinson and from where I am I can hear the choppers and the rescue units' sirens. To me its a very surreal sound. As always, keep the family members in your minds.

Units on scene:
Fultondale Police
Engine 1
Rescue 71

Center Point
Engine 2
Rescue 2
Rescue 1
Car 15
Batallion 1

JeffCo Sheriff

Gardendale PD

Lifesaver 1
Lifesaver 4

Northstar Paramedic
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