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Dec 3, 2004
Coventry CT 06238

I would like to set up my 396T to monitor Putnam, Parke, Clay, Hendricks, Johnson, Morgan, Vigo, Hamilton Counties on Safety. I have the Hamilton Co and Terre Haute Systems programmed on their own systems. I understand TH is Pro Voice, although they may be going to Safe-T. I guess the Safe-T System is Multi-Site trunking so I realize a 396XT is better at that and I may get one.

I have all the conventional channels for those Counties, although I don't know how active those are.

What's the best way to monitor MECA? I would like to Set up IPD, IFD, Co Fire, Lawrence PD, Speedway PD, Beech Grove PD, EMS as separate groups under MECA

I have some of the counties already, and I guess because of Multi-Site Johnson Co (for example) has two entries with two Safe-T Frequencies each and then the exact same talk groups in each system. Would it be possible to do what I do here in MA, program all the CC's in Safe-T and then create groups with each county in them and Bloomington, Terre Haute, Putnamville and Indianapolis Posts as groups also?

I'm kind of looking for help here. I use Free Scan, Scan Control, ProScan and UASD if someone has those files.

Please feel free to email me directly, if you wish rjhill3@cs.com.




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Jan 2, 2005
Johnson County

If your going through Johnson County these frequencies will be active.

154.010 County Fire
155.610 Sheriff Dept
159.150 Sheriff Dept

As far as the sites go you will hear radio traffic through all THREE towers.
Greenwood, Franklin, and Edinburgh.
Most of the time you can hear the Sheriff Deputies on all three.
They are scattered all throughout the County.


Oct 28, 2009
I'm actually going through this right now.

What I've done is programmed a system for each system in use in a county.

For example, Hamilton County has two active systems: an EDACS for city and county PS and Safe-T.

I then created groups for each system.


Hortonville Tower:
State Police
Homeland Security
ISP Special Units(ERT, DES, etc)
...and so on.

Hamilton Co EDACS:
Carmel police
Carmel Fire
Hamilton Co PD
Hamilton Co FD

Then, I assigned the same quick key to both systems. So, when I enter Hamilton County, I hit 4 on my scanner and they both come on.

For multi-site Safe-T counties, such as Johnson, I program one system with all three towers as seperate sites in that system. Then I create groups in that system for all the talkgroups I think I would hear in that county based on State Police districts, DNR districts and local agencies that use Safe-T.

It's working pretty well so far. I know some have programmed by State Police districts, regions, etc. But this seems like a logical, easy to remember programming scheme to me.
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