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Central NC Residents-NC State Football Game

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Jan 21, 2002
Raleigh, NC
NC State Home Football Game Monitoring Guide

Edit: As I have gotten emails about this I will sticky this thread for the remainder of the season and update it as needed...Marshall KE4ZNR

NC State Home Football Game Monitoring Guide:

There is activity both on the Raleigh Police UHF Freqs and the Wake County 800Mhz System:

"MutAid 3W" (mutual aid 3 wake) Talkgroup 28080 patched into Raleigh PD Channel 8 (460.225Mhz) for Police around the event
"MutAid 4W" (mutual aid 4 wake) Talkgroup 28112 being used by fire/ems

Highway Patrol:
Keep the following NCSHP talkgroups handy:
"SHPTRPCX" Talkgroup 2256 Troopers around Carter Finley Stadium
"SHPTRPCCOMMON1" (Troop C Common 1) Talkgroup 2288 Troopers around Carter Finley Stadium
"SHPTRPCCOMMON2" (Troop C Common 2) Talkgroup 2320 Troopers around Carter Finley Stadium

The above is all analog so all you need is any trunktracking scanner to follow the above....however those with a digital trunktracking scanner also want to keep the Digital Event Talkgoups handy as Event 3 (33632) is used by medical crews:

Hope this helps someone out!
Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR
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