CenturyLink helo found drowned girl - Grand Junction CO


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Dec 1, 2005
Grand Junction
Mesa County Sheriffs dept and Mesa County Search and Rescue have had a long standing operational agreement with CenturyLink to provide SAR and other assistance with their helicopter and pilot.
Around here unlike most areas of the country, the only rotary wing permanently stationed aircraft are medical or utility. No Law birds in 400 miles or more.
The CenturyLink helo has been used in many SAR situations this summer. It is not mentioned as it is a usual occurrence and not out of the ordinary.
Any time you hear air ops on my feed it will be using that bird or the St.Mary's LifeFlight.
They will be using the Law Frequencies and talk-groups when involved with those ops.

Edit to add, on that particular mission, due to the sensitivity of the subject, operations were moved to "Tac 4" an
encrypted talk-group. As it was I had around 600 listeners listening to the open comms for information because of the reverse 911 that had gone out to watch for the child.

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