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Charles County Storm Monitoring

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Aug 7, 2001
Fredericksburg, VA
I've listened to the Charles County TRS for several hours tonight. They've worked several water rescues. It sounded like they also evacuated residents from one or more islands. They checked on some people at Capt. Billy's restaurant who were loading a tractor trailer with all the food they could salvage.

Anyway, here are some of the talkgroups monitored:

3888 Public Works channel. Coordinating sign shop requests, as well as requests for dump trucks. (Fire/EMS needed many "Road Closed" signs.)

17088 Fire/EMS Tac 3. Units dispatched for a water rescue on this channel.

17104 Fire/EMS Tac 4. Appeared to be the primary channel for dispatching water rescues, etc. Very active.

17568 Not listed in database. Only brief conversation heard--unable to ID. Suspect emergency management, as it sounded as if someone was checking to make sure people were OK in a flooded area.

17632 Not listed in database. Seemed to be used as an overall emergency management coordination channel. It sounded like one of the units called the base "ESA." Also heard a school board representative being called, so this is another reason to think it's a channel for coordinating multiple agencies. Very active.

Anyone else monitoring? What are you hearing?

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