Charleston City Trunked system?

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DB Administrator
Database Admin
Dec 10, 2000
South Carolina
To folks in the Charleston area:

We recently had a submission that 852.3500MHz was verified as an alternate control channel for the Charleston County Simulcast site of the Palmetto P25 system. I have added that frequency to the appropriate site in the database.

852.3500 is licensed to the City of Charleston, and it has been in use as part of the Charleston City trunked radio system, SysID 7337. Charleston FD and PD moved off the city system over to the Palmetto P25 system some time ago, but I have assumed that this system is still operational and being used by non-public safety agencies for the city. Can anyone confirm if System 7337 is indeed still in use and on the air?

I suspect it's possible that the city has allowed some frequencies to be transferred from the City system to the Palmetto P25 system to provide additional capacity. And that would reduce the number of available channels on the city system but still leave enough capacity for the agencies still using it.

Also, has anyone confirmed a Palmetto P25 site active on Edisto Island? It's listed in the db with a question mark until we get confirmation.

Thanks in advance.
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