Charleston, W. VA - Kanawha County hopes to patch gaps in 911 radio system

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Oct 12, 2007
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Kanawha County, WV is no place for digital, or 800 MHZ. To much terrain, especially along the turnpike, and down Rt.60. Northeast along Interstate 79 is not optimal terrain either. The backbone system, and backup would cost millions alone, not counting the radio equipment itself. More repeaters would be needed to cover the area, and digital signals are to weak against buildings, glass, and hilly terrain.

I would hope they would think this out, and stay VHF-High, with maybe some agencys going UHF. Crossband, and have dual band mobiles for the appropriate agencys. As I understand, Kanawha County Fire Depts, already have UHF : Truck to Truck communications, and If I again,am not misunderstood ; the Judicial Building in Charleston is UHF. UHF signals goes thorough barriers, wall, and structures so well, where as VHF-High is great for line of sight and repeater capability.

VHF line of sight and repeater capability...Listen in on WV State Police - Turnpike ( 155.430 ) some time. Great, and clear communications. No dead spots or blocked signals when listening, while near a tower, or when one is agaist a hillside ( like in some repeater systems ), and distant comms are even better to listen to.

VHF analog is good enough for the WV State Police, why is not good eneough for eveyone else?

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