Charlotte Motor Speedway

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Mar 3, 2004
Concord, NC
Charlotte Motor Speedway Communications:

SHP will be operating on Viper Troop E District 1 (Lexington) and they will be on 42.220 Mhz as well.

SHP Cabarrus County troopers will be operating on Viper Troop E District 6 (Concord) in county calls not associated with the speedway.

Concord and the speedway will be operating on the Cabarrus TRS Events Channels

Concord Events 1 Law Operations
Concord Events 2 Fire Operations
Concord Events 3 Ems/Rescue Operations
Concord Events 4 Speedway Ops
Concord Events 5 Speedway Ops
Concord Events 6 Traffic

Concord has added 10 more Events Channels as well so those might be active as well.

Both of the Char/Meck TRS systems (Analog & Digital) will be active as well.

Then there will be the speedway on there channels along with the race teams.

If you are a scanner buff, this would be a great weekend to do scanner monitoring activities.

There is going to be plenty of different communications systems in use in the area.

There will be Low Band, Air Craft, Vhf, Uhf, 800, 900 & there will be Ham radio in operation as well.

Thought I would pass along the information

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