Checking Interest For Radio Monitor Meeting


Apr 29, 2006
We haven't had a meeting for quite some time due to the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. I did call the Davanni's this weekend just to check on the status of the party room. I was told it may reopen in a month or so.

With that in mind, is anybody here interested in another meeting? If so, how soon would you want to do this? If I arrange this, we would comply with all current health recommendations. I assume that would mean fewer people would be allowed to attend. My understanding is that restaurants are currently at 50 % capacity. Obviously, that number could change. With that in mind, I might be inclined to do sort of an RSVP this go around so that we don't run into the issue of say a 12 person limit, but 16 show up.

So, if you are interested, please feel free to post what sort of time frame might interest you. For example, "Sundays, after 5PM, after Thanksgiving." Or, "Saturdays, 12 noon, after New Years Day."

I don't have a lot of things to show off, but for those that haven't used the Unication G4/G5 with Firmware 1.3, you might want to see Hold and Blok. Also, I have enjoyed using Full Spectrum Scan, now that Hold and Blok are available.

Finally, I did see the announcement on the Unication thread today regarding importing to the Unications. With any luck, by the time we have a meeting, that will have been rolled out and some people may even have some experience with it.
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