CHP Inland Division Blue 1 & the New Blue 2


Aug 18, 2020
The database has shown that the Inland Division's blue was on the old 42.340/42.180 and "Blue 1" on 39.140 Base and 42.180 mobile. Both have the long standing tone of 118.8 assigned to the Inland Division. Up here in the eastern Sierra, the Bishop Dispatch Center has had all 3 of its area office switch to "Blue 2" for a period of 18-30 hours twice in the last month. They announce that the Gold is being worked on and for all units to "switch to Inland Blue 2." The frequencies are 44.700 Base and 42.420 Mobile. I submitted this to the database a couple of weeks ago and besides the mobile and base being out of order, this is a valid observation that allows its addition to the database. Rather than using the 118.8 tone, I monitored the use of 110.9 on both the base and mobile frequencies.

Since the first of March, like most people, my mobility around the state has been very limited. I haven't travelled to other parts of the CHP Inland Division. So the following hypothesis is not proven. I'm thinking that Blue 1, with the 39 MHz frequency, like most of the 39 MHz base frequency is used with the CHP's version of a repeater. Has anyone in the Inland Empire heard Blue 1 being used? Does it have the mobile frequency patched over to the base frequency? It has been an observation here on RR that the "repeat" function is only used in urban areas. I'm wondering if that is the situation for Inland's Blue 1. I'm also wondering if Blue 2 is being used in the rural areas. So maybe Bishop and Barstow use Blue 2 and Inland uses Blue 1?

We need some Barstow members and Inland Empire members to watch for this use of Blue 1 and Blue 2, report it here so we can have an accurate DB.

I also suspect that radio techs are possibly working on Gold 2 in the Bishop Dispatch area. I've had a few receptions on 44.940 with the 110.9 tone in the last year or so. I've not been in the house when the scanner logged this, so I don't know if there has been any voice traffic on it. It could have been skip for all I know, but the tone of 110.9 makes me thing it is CHP in origin. I haven't noted any skip during the times I've logged this.