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Jul 15, 2005
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Many of you know there is a CHP Wiki page that has had only limited use recently. Several moderators have suggested updating and using the page for the ongoing updates and changes coming the the CHP radio system.

I've made an attempt to add in some information regarding the planned changes. Much of what I've put in is based on the published documents CHP has put out. I've also created some links to the forum threads that are relevant.

In the short amount of time I have between work and 3 kids I've tried to add in sections for the statewide divisions. My original intent was to have a division listing with the dispatch centers and frequencies with room for observations on ongoing changes. Unfortunately, the attempt has been feeble and needs to be reworked.

My hope is that others here are able to contribute their knowledge and observations as well as provide links to some of the other documents floating around. They can be uploaded to the site links placed on the page.

This post is to encourage those who know and are able to expand and modify the Wiki to be a useful tool to supplement what is listed in the database. It shouldn't be redundant but should add to what is already available.

The link is listed on the main database page and is also here: Department of the Highway Patrol (CHP) (CA) - The RadioReference Wiki




Oct 14, 2007
Coastal Division

Monterey Dispatch Center:
Hollister #23 Green Base: 42.540 Mobile: 42.240
Santa Cruz #26 Green Base: 42.540 Mobile: 42.240
Monterey #27 Black Base: 42.460 Mobile: 42.720
King City #8 Black Base: 42.460 Mobile: 42.720

San Luis Obispo Dispatch Center:

Ventura Dispatch Center:
-Purple Base (Ventura #31): 42.400 (selectable console auto repeat) Mobiles present on base frequency on regular basis
-Purple Mobile: 42.16
-Green Base (Santa Barbara #29): 42.54
-Green Mobile: 42.24
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