City of Richmond help please


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Dec 26, 2008
Charlottesville, VA
Ever since moving to the city of Richmond for a job, I have been trying to match up fire vehicles up to the station they are based out of. Can anyone help me with a current list of what is where? I have been relying on a list that the city of Richmond has on their website, but it doesn’t seem to match up entirely with what I’m hearing on the scanner and seeing on PulsePoint.

For example, truck 3? Where is that? Frv vehicles still used? Quints called something different? The list on on old.


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Mar 19, 2003
Old Dominion
The total quint concept (TQC) went away several years ago, and the department returned to a standard engine/truck model. The "quint" term went away at that time, although there are still a number of quints in the fleet.

One or two of the FRV's still exist unfortunately, but they're beat to death and ready to be retired.

On January 3rd, 2019, the RFD returned their truck companies to their original (pre-1997) designations:

Truck 1 = Truck 2
Truck 10 = Truck 3
Truck 13 = Truck 5
Truck 22 = Truck 8
Truck 24 = Truck 9

Several other units received new designations as well:

Rescue 10 = Rescue 2
Rescue 23 = Rescue 1
Water Rescue 24 = Water Rescue 3
Hazmat 3 = Hazmat 1
Foam Tender 8 = Foam Tender 2
Foam Tender 21 = Foam Tender 1
Technical Rescue 10 = Technical Rescue 1
Airlight 11 = Airlight 1