Civil Air Patrol Updates

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Dec 31, 2005
Berthoud, CO
The recent updates for CAP aren't correct. 154.860 is a Gilpin County frequency, maybe it's also used in Morgan County, but it's definately not a CAP freq. It's possible that it was used on the recent rescue/recovery which involved CAP in Gilpin County but that would be it...

For what it's worth, the current CAP frequencies assigned nationwide are:

148.1500 (simplex/repeater out, input is 143.9000)
148.1250 (simplex/repeater out, input is 143.7500)
148.1375 (simplex, ground-ground)
149.5375 (simplex, air-ground)

These are channels 1-4 respectively, simplex, with a TX PL of 100.0. The repeaters have various PL's, some transmit them on the output and some don't so generally their radios are set for CSQ.

On the Front Range, there used to be a conflict with Buckley so 148.1250 wasn't used and was swapped with 149.5375. This is the output for their alternate repeater at Cherry Creek and I believe Sterling and Colorado Springs as well.

In the near future, CAP will be switching to their new narrowband "For Official Use Only" secret frequencies.

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