Clackams county FD station list

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Dec 19, 2002
Corbett, OR USA
Here's what I have.
The pdf this info is from was created 11/04,
but I have no clue where it came from or how accurate it is.
I'm sure a few things have changed since '04
Corrections welcomed.

C=Clackamas Co. Fire District No. 1
E=Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, East Divsion
L=Lake Oswego Fire Department
S=Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, South Division

C 01 Fuller Rd E1, TR1, BC2 (ex E21, T21, BC2)
C 02 Milwaukie E2, E22 (ex E55, E56)
C 03 Oak Lodge E3, TR3, SQ3, E23, TR23 (ex E10, T10, SQ10, E11, T11)
C 04 Lake Rd E4 (ex E27)
C 05 Mt Scott (Proposed Station - Expansion)
C 06 Happy Valley E6, BR6, E26 (ex E22, BR22, E42)
C 08 SE 130 E8, BT8, E28 (ex E25, BT25, E45)
C 09 Holcomb E9, BC3 (ex E46, BC3)
C 10 Beavercreek E10, E20, BR10, WT10, RH10 (ex E29, E49, BR29, WT29, RH29)
C 11 Redland E11, E31, BR 11, WT11 (ex E23, E43, BR23, WT23)
C 12 Logan E12, BR12, WT12 (ex E48, BR48, WT48)
C 13 Clarkes E13, R13, BR13, WT13 (former E132, R133, BR136, WT134)
C 14 Highlands E14, WT14 (former E131, WT133)
C 15 Or City Main T15
C 16 Or City Hilltop E16
C 17 Or City South End Road E17
S 52 Wilsonville E52, BR52, E352, V352, BR352
S 56 Elligsen Rd SQT56, WT56
S 57 Mountain Rd E57, BR57
E 58 Bolton E58, BR58 (ex-C 07, SE 172 was Proposed Stn, Expansion)
E 58 Rosemont E358
E 59 Willamette E59, WT59, R59
E 59 Sunset S59, E359, WR59, B59
L 210 Westlake E210 E213(r)
L 211 Jean Rd T211 E211(r)
L 212 South Shore E212 BR212/B212
L 214 Main Station E214 M214 DR214 B1
1000 Gladstone E-101, E103, R-101
1100 Estacada Main E-111, 114, R-111, SQ-111, WT-115
1100 Estacada George E-112, WT-118
1200 Colton Main Sta. E-125, 129, WT-124, R-121
1200 Colton Elwood Sta. E-123, WT 126
1400 Boring Main Sta. E-140, WT-140, 141, R-140
1400 Boring Eagle Cr Sta E-148, SQ-148
1400 Boring Damascus Sta E-149, R-149, Brush-149
2500 Hoodland Main E-251, 254, WT-251, R-251, BR-251
2500 Hoodland Brightwood E-252, WT-252
2500 Hoodland Govt Camp E-253, Rescue-253
3600 Canby Main E-61, 65, 67, WT-66, 68, R-64
3600 Canby Hwy 170 Sta E-62
3700 Sandy Main E-71, 72, 74, WT-71, R-77, BR-72
3700 Sandy Dover Sta E-75, WT 75
3700 Sandy Roslyn Lk Sta E-76
3800 Molalla Main E-82, 84, WT-82, R-83, AMB-81, 82
3800 Molalla Mulino Sta. E-81, 83, WT-81
3800 Molalla Sawtell Sta. E-85, WT 85
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Oct 7, 2007
Utah County, Utah
In terms of old stations or former departments in Clackamas County, the only ones that come to mind are from Milwaukie Fire Department. I don't remember station numbers, but I do remember where they were located.

The north most station was at the corner of SE Harvey and SE 40th Ave. They had two engines, Engine 51 and Engine 52, and BLS Rescue 56, in addition to some older fire apparatus in storage. The building is now either privately owned, or owned by the City of Milwaukie's Public Works.

The former Downtown station is at City Hall, and held one engine and the chief's car. Main St. and SE Harrison is where it's located.

If I recall correctly, CCFD's Station 4 on Lake Road was part of Milwaukie fire department, until lack of funding shut it down in the 90's.

Also, Buck Ambulance was the primary transport service covering the city of Milwaukie. They were stationed out of their office at SE 23rd and SE Washington, across from Milwaukie High School, until AMR gobbled them up.

Clackamas had a station at King Road and SE Fuller at one point, but once Station 1 was built, they moved out of it. That's all I know about old stations or departments. If you're interested in more historical info, you might want to go to the Ledding Library in Milwaukie. They have a lot of articles on the fire service in the area since the early 1900s.

As for mikepdx's info:

The East Division was dismantled sometime after TVF&R's contract with Oregon City ran out in 2002 or 2003 (I can't remember for sure). At the time, CCFD Station 15 (John Adams) was TVF&R Station 50, and CCFD Station 16 (Hilltop) was TVF&R Station 54.

I made some adjustments to the following to reflect current apparatus:

Current assignments for TVF&R (as far as I know):
S 52 Wilsonville E52, E52R, BR52, E352, V352, BR52
S 56 Elligsen Rd SQT56, WT56, R56 (PAU)
S 57 Mountain Rd E57, BR57
S 58 Bolton E58, E58R
S 358 Rosemont BR358, WT358, V358
S 59 Willamette E59, WR59 (w/Boat 59)
S 359 Sunset E359, RHB359

Lake Oswego's Info:
L 210 Westlake E210, E213(r)
L 211 Jean Rd T211, E211(r)
L 212 South Shore E212, BR212, Rescue Boat 212
L 214 Main Station E214, M214, DR214, B1

C 01 Town Center (Fuller Rd): E1, T21R
C 02 Milwaukie: E2, Rehab Bus 2
C 03 Oak Lodge: E3, R3
C 04 Lake Rd: T4, Heavy Rescue 4, BC2
C 05 Mt Scott: E5, E25R
C 06 Happy Valley: E6, BR6
C 07 Pleasant Valley: Unknown units @station; combined coverage with Boring Fire
C 08 Clackamas (SE 130th): E8, Water Rescue / Boat 8
C 09 Holcomb E9, E29R
C 10 Beavercreek E10, E20, BR10, WT10
C 11 Redland E11,BR 11, WT11
C 12 Logan E12, BR12, WT12
C 13 Clarkes E13, WT13
C 14 Highlands E14
C 15 John Adams: T15, BC3
C 16 Hilltop E16, E36R
C 17 South End Road E17 (Still not open for operations)

Boring FD:
Main Sta. E-140, WT-140, WT-141, R-140, E-141, E-142, Brush-140
Eagle Cr Sta E-148, SQ-148, WT-148
Damascus Sta E-149, R-149, Brush-149

Sandy FD:
Main E-71, 72, 78, WT-71, R-71, R-73, BR-71, Boat-71
Dover Sta E-75, R-75, WT 75, BR-75
Roslyn Lk Sta E-76, WT-76

That's all I know about Clackamas County...


Dec 24, 2005
Sorry for geting back late thats info i was looking for. Thank you PMJ2KX and Mikepdx.



Oct 7, 2007
Utah County, Utah
Something I failed to mention while I was spewing data...

The Oregon Department of Geology did a statewide assessment of all the police, fire, school, and EOC's in every county. This is quite the list, and although I've found they skipped over a station or two here and there, it's accurate with most departments.

All the links on each page are in PDF form, and may be two or more pages long.

Here's Clackamas County's particular link.


Oct 7, 2007
Utah County, Utah
sparksfireman9834 said:
does anyone happen to have the apparatus list for Polk County? im think about college up there
You might want to consider starting a new thread and ask that question. That way, it won't stay buried in this CC thread.
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