CLASSIFIED ADS ISSUE: Posting to Classifieds with Photos

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Oct 10, 2005
Northwest Indiana
I am currently a premium subscription member and I noticed that when I try to post an Ad in the classifieds that I am always unable to post on the first try when attaching photos. This is ONLY when attaching photos on the first try. What happens is when I fill out all the fields and am attaching photos with the ad, after clicking on the "Submit" button to process the ad, it acts like it is trying to process the submission as there is some delay like it is attempting to upload the data, but then it just goes back to the start of posting an ad page without showing any error message or ect. I do not get any errors. In order to get the ad to post I have to post the ad WITHOUT any photos first, and then go back in to edit the ad and THEN upload the photos for it to work. Not sure why it does this. I have no issue uploading the photos to the ad after the initial creation of the ad without photos. Can an administrator please take a look at this issue. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.