Clay County Florida Fire/EMS tones

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Dec 11, 2003
Keystone Heights, FL
Hey guys,

Is there anyone in Northeast Florida, in the Clay County area that could get me the tone codes for Clay County. I have all of them confirmed but 4. But with our scheme I used to try to get the other tones, I have what I think two of the tones that I need decoded should be but have heard nothing as of yet. I also need the tones for TANKER 149 and TANKER 229. These are the two of the 4 tones that I do have on my list and the complete list will be updated to the site soon. So if anyone can help me getting the right tone codes for the two listed below and TANKER 149 and TANKER 229, that would help out a lot. Once I have those tones it will be complete.

Rescue 73
TONE A: 378.6
TONE B: 483.5

Rescue 77
TONE A: 470.5
TONE B: 483.5
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