Cleaning up Florida EMS and State Nets

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Jun 23, 2006
N.W. Florida
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Over the last few days I have been cleaning up Florida’s EMS and Mutual Aid sections in each county. If you have time take look at your local county and the counties you’re able to monitor and see if the information is correct. I noticed that some of the counties had every single State MED channel listed with no description. Some of the counties even had County Medical Coordination (CMC) listed as EMS Dispatch. If it truly is used for EMS Dispatch then please let me know so we can tag it as such. Also if a county channel is already listed at the state level (Example: RED, WHITE, BLUE) then it was removed. Unless it actually uses a CTCSS/DCS for that county then it doesn’t belong under the county, even if the users radio has it tagged as a TAC channel.

The above doesn’t really affect trunk systems as it does the conventional side of the house. Again, if you have time take a look and let me know. Also if I made a mistake, let me know. I do make mistakes from time to time and I can easily fix the problem. If you also know that a channel is no longer in use pass on the information so I can have it removed. I will continue to clean up tags, descriptions, and alpha tags.

If you are unsure of which hospitals are in your area, CTCSS, or Med Channel used, here is a link to the lastest Com Plan.,+Volume+1+-+4th+Edition.pdf
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