Cleveland National Forest

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Aug 3, 2008
I am very interested in USFS radio systems and how they are used. This thread is intended to focus on CNF. The discussion can include repeater locations, coverage areas, CNF district maps, mobile and handheld radios being employed, antennas, repeater hardware, CNF user groups or links to information resources. If something gets too detailed a separate thread can be launched as needed.

I'd like to hear what you hear as I don't monitor 24/7 and can't hear all repeater sites.

I have found that a scanner monitor's logs of radio users and where the users are reveals a lot about the operation of the repeaters, the quality of their coverage and the organization that relies on them. I've got no complaints about the P25 systems and I pay particular attention to those digital users because again, the information helps to examine the quality of the digital service as opposed to narrowband analog repeaters operating from the same repeater site.

Please note the forum rules as well as common sense in your logs of radio activity. For instance the general location of the repeater sites are listed in Wikis but we don't need to publish what specific tower or building. Or, a radio user might announce to CNF Dispatch where they are going into service but we don't need to know the exact address they are transmitting from. When CNF radio techs are out and about that might signal a change to the repeater system so closer attention should be paid by us.

I was posting in this forum thread....

....but I unintentionally outgrew the narrower intent of that one which is only about frequencies and tones. It has some good information that helped to update the Wikis but I felt starting my own thread was a logical next step.


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