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cmed north central

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What’s the correct way to transmit your C-MED Unit ID? Simply put, your Unit ID should be said using individual numbers followed by the words "Alpha, Mike, Bravo, or Unit".

For example: 918 A 1 should be verbalized as "Nine One Eight Alpha One" as opposed to "Nine Eighteen" .

Service Identifier Numbers for EMS units based in the North Central CMED region are as follows:

Aetna Ambulance Service - 200 to 299
Ambulance Service of Manchester - 500 to 599
American Medical Response, Hartford Division - 900 to 999
American Medical Response, Southington Division - 310 to 370
American Medical Response, Stafford Division - 380 to 399
Bloomfield Volunteer Ambulance - 011
Bradley Airport Paramedics - 181
Bristol Hospital EMS - 017
Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance - 020
Canton Memorial Ambulance Service- 023
East Granby Ambulance Association - 040
East Hartford Fire Department - 043
East Windsor Ambulance Association - 047
Glastonbury Volunteer Ambulance Association - 054
Granby Ambulance Association - 056
Hamilton Standard Emergency Services - 375
Hunter's Ambulance Service - 300
Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS - 077
Newington Volunteer Ambulance Corps. - 094
New Britain Britain EMS Foundation - 089
Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps - 111
Pratt & Whitney Emergency Services - 750
Rocky Hill Volunteer Ambulance Association - 119
Roy B. Pettingill Ambulance Association - 079
Simsbury Volunteer Ambulance Association - 128
South Windsor Ambulance Corps - 132
Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association - 139
UConn Health Center Paramedics - 052
Wethersfield Volunteer Ambulance Association - 159
Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Service - 164
Windsor Locks Lions Club Ambulance - 165

LifeStar Aeromedical Helicopters will use "LifeStar 1" and "LifeStar 2" as Identifiers.


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Could read the manual on the CMED site..
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