CO-139 Hazmat

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Jul 16, 2006
Grand Junction
Lower Valley Fire dispatched to MM18 on Hwy 139 for a 2 vehicle accident involving a semi-truck haling 7500 gallons of propane. No injuries from collision. Semi has caught fire.

U/D 2115: Propane tank is now on fire, RP and 2 others are being told to get away from scene. Chief 31 is requesting hazmat and additional engine from Grand Junction Fire.

U/D: E31, E32, Tender 31, Chief 31 and Ambulance 31 enroute from Lower Valley, and E13, Battalion 11, and Hazmat 12 from Grand Junction are enroute.

U/D 2130: SO Deputies are stopping Northbound traffic at approximately MM17, and the gates in Rangely are being closed for southbound traffic over Douglas Pass.

U/D 2135: Chief 31 is on scene at MM17, is approximately 1 mile away from accident with heavy fire showing. Taking a defensive stance, and letting the tank burn. Trying to get units from Rio Blanco county to work traffic on the other side. Tender 32 now enroute as well.

U/D 2137: Tender 13 enroute from GJ. Chief 31 advising there are a few vehicles too close to the fire scene and are in danger of becoming involved. SO is working on getting them moved.

U/D 2144: Batallion 11 asking if any ranches or residences in the area - considering Reverse 911 to warn of possible explosion - also updating that according to RP the tank may have already ruptured and that flames were approximately 50-60 feet high, and flames seem to be dying down now.

U/D 2202: Hazmat 12 is staging approximately 3-4 miles away, and BT-11 advising that fire has died down substantially, and they are going to attempt to do "binocular recon" and see what the tank status us.

U/D 2207: Chief 31 establishing "139 Command" and advising the semi is on its side, propane venting from large hole on the top of tank that is still on fire. Letting it burn out.

U/D 2211: Command is releasing Engine 13, Tender 13 from the incident - returning to GJ.

U/D 2300: CSP Hazmat team enroute from Craig. Command advising Hazmat 12 that they will be released momentarily - no more hazmat issue that he can see. Fire is still burning. Ambulance 31 released.

U/D 2330: CSP advising tank is burned out, small tire fire still burning, vehicle is off the road. No injuries. Advising units should start clearing soon - no propane left and no hazmat needed.
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