Coatesville City Chester County PA (Bomb Found)

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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
By Coatesville Fire Department

On May 5Th 2010, The Coatesville Fire Department received a call on station from the Niagara Bank officials for a possible hazardous material in their vault.

Ladder 43, Engine 41-2 responded to the scene to investigate the situation and found that some vault workers were doing work on the vault and found a glass container full of an unknown liquid with a trip wire which was used as an anti theft device in the late 1800's when the vault was built. Ambulance 41-1 and Chief 43 (Johnson) arrived and setup the "Lincoln Highway Command" and requested a response from Chester County Hazmat 15 to the scene.

Hazmat 15 representatives arrived and also requested a bomb disposal unit to the scene. Montgomery County Bomb Squad personnel arrived and met with Incident Command and the Chester County Hazmat team who had pictures of the glass container. The Bomb Squad went into the bank and investigated the setup with Chief 43.

Chief 43 requested a fire police task force to shut certain streets off in the city and around the bank for public safety. Lincoln Highway command also requested an Engine and Ladder standby to the city as our units operated at the scene. The Bomb Squad determined that the container would need to be disposed of and they decided to blow the container up using dynamite. Fire Personnel dug a hole at gateway park for the Bomb Squad to place the Container in and blow it up.

Once the container was blown up Lincoln Highway Command placed the situation under control at 19:47 hours. Chief 43 then terminated the command and placed the city fire units available.
Units: Engine 41-2, Ladder 43, Ambulance 41-2, Traffic 41 COMMAND: CHIEF JOHNSON Mutual Aid: FIRE POLICE: 41/43, 37, 38, 49, 45, Hazmat 15 units, Montgomery County Bomb Squad, Medic 93 STANDBY: LADDER 49, ENGINE 37-1
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