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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
BUILDING FIRE, COATESVILLE By Coatesville Fire Department March 15, 2010 On March 15Th 2010 The Coatesville and Westwood Fire Companies were dispatched the are of Strode Ave and Valley Road for a reported building fire.

Ladder 43 Engine 41-2 Ambulance 41-1 all made the response and were advised by the 911 center that the fire was on Mittal Steel's property. Engine 41-2 was the second arriving piece to find smoke showing and Engine 75 already starting fire suppression efforts.

Chief 43 (Johnson) arrived to assume the "Mill command" instructing Ladder 43 and Engine 41-2's crews to assist 75 with the suppression efforts. Upon further investigating it was found to be a piece of heavy equipment used in the rolling mill for huge pieces of steel to be flatten was the source of the fire.

The assignment was held to the Coatesville Units and 75 by the "Mill Command" and the remaining incoming units were used as standbys to cover the city while we operated at this fire scene. Ambulance 41-3 transported one injured firefighter to the local hospital for injuries sustained while fighting this fire.

Coatesville units cleared the scene a short time later. The officers and members would like to thank the standby companies for covering the city while our personnel operated at this fire scene.
Units:Engine 41-2 Ladder 43 Rescue 43 Ambulance 41-2 Ambulance 41-3 Traffic 41Mutual Aid:Westwood (Standby) East Brandywine (Standby) Martins Corner (Standby)
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