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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
PERSON STRUCK, COATESVILLE By Coatesville Fire Department April 17, 2010 The Coatesville Fire Apparatus was dispatched to the 300 block of Lumber Street to assist Ambulance 41-3 with a pedestrian struck.

Ladder 43 and Engine 41-2 along with ambulance 41-1 all made the response shortly after dispatch and were advised that Sky Care was placed on standby at the helipad.

Ambulance 41-3 was on scene with a male subject working on his vehicle when the vehicle had an unanticipated movement onto the subject. Ladder 43 and Engine 41-2 along with Ambulance 41-1 arrived to find the subject free from underneath the vehicle. Due to limited access and space in the garage the fire department was requested for manpower and arrive to assist Ambulance 41-3 with back-boarding the subject. The fire department also secured the vehicle from further movement for the Coatesville Police Department to do their investigation of the scene.

Ambulance 41-3 transported the subject to Sky Cares helipad where he was transported by Sky Care to an area trauma center while the City fire units went available.

Ladder 43 Engine 41-2 Ambulances 41-1, 41-3
Mutual Aid:

Medic 93-9
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