Colleton County

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Sep 19, 2006
Just got a paging capable scanner, and I was wondering if anyone had a list of the tones for Colleton County. Only really looking for tones for the units in the Walterboro aera though. Specific units are Medic 1, Station 1, Rescue 105, Medic 27, Squad 1.



Dec 19, 2002
South Carolina Lowcountry
A month or so ago Mointoring Times gave a primer on tones. However the way Colleton County works you might do better just keeping 154.145 (PL 103.5) in priority.

This will give you all fire and medical calls, but you can miss alot just limiting yourself to those page-out as Colleton County is always shifting EMS units. Also if those units are out on a call you might miss something bigger. The county is a bit small to limit yourself.

By the way there is now a Medic 6, I think stationed near Woods store. You also now have a Battlion Chief.

The Pl tone will keep you from hearing Hilton Head Fire, Murells Inlet/Garden City SC fire and Garden City Ga fire. That subaudible PL come from the RR database.

There is a chance if you go to the County Fire HQ across from the Highway Patrol building near I-95 Exit 53, some one may help you with the page out tones, it won't hurt to ask.
(sorry I forgot the name of the street, to the right comming from the interstate just past the DOT complex)

Good luck.
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