Colorado Springs

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Jan 20, 2017
Fort Worth, TX
With the help of another member I have the following loaded:

Colorado State Patrol
2522 CSP Troop2B Troop 2B/2E East Dispatch
2523 CSP 2B-E Tac Troop 2B East Tactical* Law Tac

El Paso County
4710 EPSO CH-1 El Paso County Sheriff * Dispatch
4711 EPSO CH-2 El Paso County Sheriff * Tac
4712 EPSO CH-3 El Paso County Sheriff * Dispatch

4770 EPSO FD RED El Paso County Fire Red * Dispatch
4771 EPSO FD SLVER El Paso County Fire Silver* Tac

Colorado Springs
4575 CSPD FALCN-1 CSPD Falcon Ch 1* Dispatch
4578 CSPD GLDHL-1 CSPD Goldhill Ch 1* Dispatch
4584 CSPD STSTN-1 CSPD Stetson Ch 1* Dispatch
4581 CSPD SNDCK-1 CSPD Sandcreek Ch 1* Dispatch

4620 CoSpgsFDCh1 SCFD - Channel-1 Dispatch
4623 CoSpgsFDCh4 CSFD - Channel-4 Tac

4822 FNTN FD DSP Fountain Fire Department* Old Dispatch*
4821 FOUNTAIN FD Fountain Fire Department* Old Tac*
4812 FOUNTAIN PD1 Fountain Police Department * On Scene*Tac

When loading these via ACR-500 I noticed that there are many little fire stations in the list and well as AMR, Search & Rescue and Air Transports - is there a benefit to loading these as well? I don't want to overload the scanner (if that's even relatively possible with this small of a list).

As I mentioned before, I am a Photojournalist and my main purpose is identify newsworthy incidents and to get to the location as quickly as possible.


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Mar 6, 2002
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I am not aware fo the ACR 500 radio capabilities. IMHO, to get as much info as possible, you should program at least the following talk groups:

CSFD dispatch as well as all Command and Fire Tac Channels for working incidents.
AMR Chs and Hospital channels for dispatches and info regarding all the City and County incidents.
Interop C channels for fireground/law enforcement operations in the city and county.
CSPD all 4 districts Dispatch and Tac talk groups.
El Paso Fire Department Red and station talk groups for their operations.
Fountain FD is now dispatched on El Paso Red. 4822, 4821 and 4812 are used for their incidents.
Fountain PD now dispatched on El Paso SO 4710 or 4712 depending on the time of day.
SAR on DTRS 800 and their VHF channels for incidents in the parks and trails in the city and county.
Last but not least are MAC Channels 9 10 11 and 12 for both fire and law enforcement activity.
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