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Colorado's Summits on the Air -- SOTA this weekend


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May 27, 2015
Hammond, IN
That sounds like fun. I don't think I'll reach you from my location in NW Indiana (just a mile from the IL state line).


Jun 13, 2018
Colorado, New Mexico- and now in Washington DC

I and two girlfriends made an attempt to summit one of Colorado's lesser 14-teeners in the Sawatch Range late Saturday... secondarily, we'd try for some SOTA contacts on 2 metre's

Leaving as late in the day as we did, there was never a thought of making the summit that afternoon. We camped high above treeline, above 13,000 feet- in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset. After dark I turned on my HT and made a contact over 120 miles to the south. We joked about the long distances of these handheld's; how neat this was,--and all the while J_____ was sending photos thru a distant 'cel on her 'phone to friends across the country.

But by next morning the weather was changing. The forecast (the beauty of 'cel coverage at that altitude) wasn't calling for storms until late in the afternoon, but we knew better.

discretion being better part of valor-------
-----we packed up and headed down.

Within an hour we were walking thru thick clouds- by the time we reach our vehicle at the trail head, the summit was enshroud'd and thunder was rumbling.

Undeterred, we had come prepared;

Bathing suits :)

For not far away awaited a mountain resort with a wonderful outdoor hotsprings.


Home by sun down
SOTA summit contacts- Zero, but a perfect score otherwise

Lauri :sneaky:



Dec 25, 2008
New Zealand
Now that would be something - SOTA summits from a hot pool in your togs ;)

Oh, sorry, "togs" = kiwi slang for bathing suits. (Bathing suits? So Victorian....)

Plenty of hot pools in NZ, not usually accompanied by radios and log books though , more likely a nice cool Chardonnay.....