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Oct 31, 2016
Hello! How do you do?
I was just wondering, I have been using the Microchip PIC32 USB Starter Kit with the MEB (Multimedia Expantion Board 1) for some projects.

One of them is to record audio and analyse it, the problem here is that Microchip released some demos, one of them with the audio feature just for generating audio, but no recording...

I have spent months working on this with no success. I made a Microchip Ticket request, but their answer was another demo from another board with only audio reproduction...

Has anybody here being able to record audio with the MEB board and with a PIC32 USB Starter kit?
The attachment is Audio Codec of WM8731, which is an I2S device.I was trying to study it.
I have studied the code and the codec has the methods to do this, but when implemented, it just wont run.
Only microphone recording is available but check also the hardware, the MEB has a well adapted microphone entrance to (in theory) record sound. Also, I have studied the I2C protocols and I understand what you say by "understand the datasheet for the codec to learn how to record". Microchip send me to a other board with the same codec but with a PIC24. Ok, working more the "won´t run", I am able to reproduce sound, if you bias the microphone it does it correctly, but to save the sound in memory it just doesn´t."Saving to memory" can mean lots of things, though.The sound that is being reproduced is loaded to RAM Memory, but is defined in a file (frog.c). The simplest idea was to write the recorded audio (just like 5 seconds) to RAM also. Then be able to reproduce it.
I really hope I clarified my problems clearly and shortly.Thanks for your kindness.


Not open for further replies.