Comments "silenced" about transition to Broadcastify Calls

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Jul 12, 2016
Murder-Querque, NM
Earlier this morning, a post was created by someone titled "Implementing Broadcastify Calls for current Uniden/ProScan Feed? ".

After another poster replied to this person saying that he basically needed to re-invent the wheel regarding how he would have to supply his feed to work with the new Broadcastify Calls system and referred to a page stating so, I chimed in saying that while using a different program to stream my feed (Scannercast) and that it would be too much time to begin working with a completely new system, that if all feeds were to go this way my feed would likely reach it's end of life. I VOLUNTEER to send my feed and quite frankly I do not have TIME to change everything over.

Being that I'm in a similar situation as the OP of the thread, I made a simple comment stating that many people would most likely be going through the same situation as me. BUT, because my program of choice is not the precious Proscan (which is crap and bloated in my opinion), mikewazowski DELETES my comment and treats me as I have no voice, saying I tried to HIJACK the thread. He simply was not MAN ENOUGH to just respond to my post. I said nothing bad in that post about Proscan (I know the programmer is far to sensitive about his overblown product to accept criticism). It must be the fact that I said that I did not have enough TIME to dedicate to Broadcastify Calls, so all of a sudden my voice becomes irrelevant.

So, good day ladies and gentlemen, just know that this provider will NOT be conforming to the new software and system setup for BC.


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Jun 26, 2001
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Since you decided to air this in public instead of discussing it in private as we ask, here's the comment that was deleted:

As a long time feed provider using Windows 10, broadcasting using Uniden BCD996P2 feeding with Scannercast with alpha tags, being part of this new Broadcastify Calls is not going to happen for me. My feed that I host is something that I do to share information with my community and hopefully encourage others to get into the hobby.

I simply will not take more time to have to adapt to a whole new system for this new service. If in the future all feeds will have to comply to this new streaming standard, I'm sorry to say, that my feed will see it's end of life. As of now, my feed system basically runs on auto pilot. I do not have time to play around with new programs and computer headaches to accomplish the goal of working with this new service.

Unless this new service can utilize current equipment that is being used by people like me, I don't really see a site-wide changeover.

Nowhere in this post do you offer the OP any technical advice which is what he asked for. Instead, you offer your opinion on Broadcastify Calls which has nothing to do with the OP's post hence you hijacked the thread. What program you use to upload to Broadcastify had zero to do with why your post was deleted along with a follow up post by another member. A simple off-topic comment can sometimes derail a thread so badly that the original question is lost. I was trying to avoid that.

You were also told to start a new thread voicing your concerns about Broadcastify calls. Instead you post a rant criticizing my moderation of your off-topic post.

So you here you go: Why I won't be moving my feed to Broadcastify Calls

I've moved your post and the follow-up post to a new thread in the Broadcastify Admin forum. Have at er.
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