Communication in jungle/mountains

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Jul 19, 2017

I confess, I just activated my account and I already have a question. However, I have been reading discussions in the forum for a while.

Here is my situation: we are doing expeditions in the mexican jungle, high in the mountains (7000 ft). Temperature is approx 10C (50F) and humidity level always at 100% (rain...). We have a basecamp on the top of a mountain(almost...), but we explore the jungles for caves in the valleys, 1-5 miles away and 500-3000 ft below.

No line of sight whatsoever.

A friend in the army told me that using HF (such as civilian CB) and a simple copper wire would do. He told me to use a cobra head (I don't know where to find this) and plug it to a copper wire with an appropriate lengh (1/4 w), attach a rock on it and throw it in a tree!

I can't bring with me a 8ft antenna whip (plane and lack of room), so the wire idea seams interresting to me for the base camp. I also want to be legal...We don't mess with the mexicans!;-)

What do you think about that? I just bough 2 CB (Cobra 4 Watt Hand-Held Portable CB Radio HH 38 WX ST) so I am ready to perform some tests.

Thank you guys!

Not open for further replies.