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Complex radio systems?

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Southtown800 said:
what is the most complex infrastructure you have seen or heard of?....what city of state..what kind of system and who uses it?
Nextel, probably followed by NY SWN


I'm not sure how hard a trunking manager's job is, ....

But I'm taking my Cisco CCNA Certification class right now, and we are expected to convert DEC to HEX, boolean logic, etc from the top of our head with little to none 'scratch paper' use, know all of the 4 TCP/IP and 7 OSI layers, reverse subnets; just the basics of networking. If a trunking manager needs to know all of this and then some, you've gotta be "on your feet" thinking all day for that kinda stuff.

Not easy stuff untill you study it for quite some time. I'm only 3 months into the course and have about 2 years to go. Still not getting easier. sheesh..


Jan 16, 2004
denham springs la.
The Louisiana Totally Interoperable Enviornment aka LATIE, this system is supposed to do what the 800 MHZ system could do. I guess
what confuses me is the interoperability patches. Back in the old day
when Louisiana was operating on the 39 MHZ lo band we had 39.5
which every sheriff in the state had to communicate with the troop
and vice versa. All one had to do was pick up the microphone and
call the nearest troop or so for information or assistance. But I know
there were drawbacks to the low band system. For instance when
the weather conditions are perfect your transmission could be covered by skip from out of state agencies that share the same frequency. Oh well that 's progress for you. Sometimes it's good
and sometimes it ain't. In otherwords It bees what it bees!!!!!!!
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