Computer Aided Dispatch Glossary (Orange County Police CAD Call Code)

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Apr 24, 2020

I was hoping to receive help from those who are knowledgeable with radio codes and terminology. I am reviewing a CAD Call log from a police report, and I have difficulty understanding some of the code/terminology in it. It could be department specific code, but while I was looking for this information on this website, I saw some pattern/similarities with the frequency code.

I am totally new and have no prior experience handling radio. But finding this information out on my own is very important to me since there was a police misconduct that happened to a close friend of mine and I am helping him out. The police report did not include critical details that should've been there and even though he had requested the police record under CPRA, there is a significant delay in their response. And he is unsure whether this police department will modify the record in a way that is untruthful or unreliable. That's why it is important that I can help him understand few things that are actually documented in the CAD call log from the original police report.

If anyone can provide any help in a form of information, files containing those resources to look for that information, glossary, or anything related to this topic, I would truly appreciate it.

Here are the example of information that I am looking for:

TWNAMQ5131CS = ?
WARPER5131CS = ?
1322 1355 =?
1322 1362 = ?
IA = ?
IG = ?
State Response

Thank you so much!


Mar 8, 2009
If you have a legit claim both of you should not be doing this and instead leave it to an attorney. If not it seems you are just playing a game.

There are certain time limits that you must meet in order to make a claim and they are fairly short.

The only information you will receive is of what you specifically request. CAD records do not contain everything from an incident. It is just meant to log the basics with a time stamp.

One thing I can tell you is state response is likely the DOJ computer or portal that sent back to a dispatcher in response to a records inquiry.
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