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Sep 12, 2014
I signed up for the premium subscription so I could listen to police live feed archives. I wanted a specific town and time as I reported a good friend of mine that wanted to attempt suicide in Rock Hill, SC. I live in Lexington, SC. He called me at 10:55 pm last night and told me he was going to shoot himself, told me goodbye and hung up. I proceeded to call the Rock Hill Sherriff's Office round 11:30 or after...I know before midnight. They got the information about his name, address, phone number and told me they would call me when they went to his house to determine if he was okay or not. The police called me back from outside of his house to ask me a few more questions, at which time I heard someone in the background say the suspect has a gun, then the police officer said he had to go and hung up. No word for a couple hours, so I tried calling his house, he answered and hung up two time, the third time he kept saying hello, hello, like he couldn't hear me and put the phone down. I could hear him in the back ground saying that he didn't want anyone on his property and that if anyone came through his door he had a 38 to his head and would kill himself. The police called me while I was on the phone and told me that my call was interrupting the negotiator and to hang up which I did immediately. Bob, finally called me 3 hours later and was still inside of his house with the police still outside and talked to me for 20 minutes crying and telling me he was sorry, I pleaded with him to turn himself in, but he said he had nothing left to live for and hung up. I called the sheriffs office this morning and just asked for them to tell me if he was okay or not. They told me that she could not give me the information and would have someone call me one has called me back. I just need to know if he is alright, if I can't achieve the police feed, can someone do this and just tell me if he is okay or not...that's all I want to know.please! My email is Thank you anyone that can help.


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Jan 4, 2009
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There are no LE feeds for this area - Click Here.

The feeds only provide dispatch traffic anyway. With an incident as you describe chances are the traffic would have been switched to a tactical channel which is not permitted on a feed. This is one advantage of having your own scanner.

I would call the agency involved (not the dispatcher) and ask to speak to a ranking officer, a.e. a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, etc. (The dispatchers are restricted in what information they are permitted to release). I'm sure if you talked to a ranking officer and explained that you were the original caller they would help you.

Click Here for an explanation of how the feeds work.
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