Confusion on Merced Trunking System

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Jan 13, 2005
Years ago I was told that some of the frequencies in the Merced Co system was on used "proprietary" frequencies that an area communications company purchased, thus other users and activities as well as a certain "pay per use" was in effect. I never gave it any thought until now and I am seeing one of the Merced Co control channel licensed on Bullion and yet a licensed part of another system with Fresno Radio.

What caused me to look this up was the receiving of what sounds like a family type trucking business in Merced's TD 700-16. Merced Co is using the 700 and 600 sets as far as I know. Further confusion is caused with not seeing this other system. It is different from the LTR system at the Meadow site.

I seem to be missing some traffic on the system also, but it is so underused right now that I am just missing the necessary traffic. Primarily the Dos Palos PD traffic,although I did hear some DP addresses on SO's ch 1 during a medical aid. As small as DP is they could be using SO's main channel, similar to what Gustine is doing with Turlock (Simalcasting TPD on GPD).

Some insight to the 858.0625 frequenciy would be helpful.:confused:
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