control channel decoding / scripting

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Jul 6, 2004
Wakefield, MI
My county recently went to a Motorola P25 trunking system. I was curious to see what is all on the control channel. I used Pro96com to take a look at the control channel. It worked as expected, but I wanted to do more with this data. Some friends and I recently made the control channel dump available online. You can telnet to port 1337 and you should see the dump. With this data available I though it would be neat to do more with it. Some examples we thought of are.

doing something when a friends radio affiliates (text, log..etc)

keep track of when a radio was last heard

keep track of PTT requests from a certain radio

message me when an emergency talkgroup is heard

the list goes on.

Of course this would all be done in Linux with Perl or some other programming language. My reason for posting is to share the idea and see if anyone is doing something similar. I am not a programmer but I do have friends that are really good at things like this.

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