country thunder finds

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My head makes a bad antenna
Aug 11, 2004
I had my self a promotional pack of 4 gen admin seats
got to go back stage to see Miranda Lambert(fanclub)
and also see Keith Anderson!
Orange Country thunder shirt security had uhf radios, and elite protection(blue shirts) also had uhf radios
The black shirt folks not sure who they were (near the backstage entrance) also had uhf radios. The silo/building back stage had what appeared to be wifi access point antennas along with some base/rptr? antenna.

Rental radios seen on staff were from some place called "Day?"
?= means i didnt catch a dpl/pl most likely there is one
464.700 047
464.725 67.0
464.000 ?
466.0375 031 (security??)
464.6375 ?
461.5125 ?
464.750 91.5
460.775 210.7
461.1625 192.8
462.8125 432
151.895 118.8
151.940 134

Randall township fire and twin lakes fire present on site
as well as numerous kenosha shfs writing underage drinking tickets.
They had there command van out by one of the parking lots.
Not open for further replies.