"CPL" The next step?

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Dec 23, 2009
Metro Chicago
"Common Programming Language" Here's a thought. Load one piece of software into your computer. Plug a data cable from your computer to a "black box". Plug all your programmable scanners, RS, GRE, Uniden for starters, into the box and program them all at once, one at a time, 2 at a time, the box automatically converts the input software to the correct code for the scanner(s) being programmed. No matter what type of scanner you use, no matter what type of memory architecture your scanner uses. As long as it can be programmed it can be done with one piece of software. Another possibility would be common software with an enclosed data base and you pick your model, but then only one at a time. Impossible?, I think not. The code for all these scanners is already available. All that's required is some code writing wizard to put it all together, Building the box is the easy part. Copyright issues?, maybe. Conflicts from existing software companies?, maybe. The only answer to these questions would be "How big is your wallet" This could be done!
Not open for further replies.