Crazy erratic display on a PSR 500 (revised)

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Dec 23, 2009
Metro Chicago
OK. Radio works perfect, great reception etc. The display is out of control. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's blank. Sometimes the display is upside down, mirror image, mirror image upside down, weird characters and more. The only thing that works all the time is "hold down PGM button and power up" CPU upgrade window is always there, perfectly, not an LCD problem, it is on it's third one. When I first got it it worked like I described, then it worked perfect for about 5 days and then it crazy again. Was able to load new firmware, CPU v1.8 and DSP v1.4. After that it worked great for about a week and then it started doing it's thing, again. All manner of resets, power on resets don't do anything. I believe there should be some sort of power on, power off in some sort of sequence, maybe using some keys to power reset the CPU. That's what's going on. Ready for the sledge hammer.
Not open for further replies.