Creepy ‘Geofence’ Finds Anyone Who Went Near a Crime Scene

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Dec 22, 2013
This is the scary part. Your data is for sale, shell companies set up by government can buy it. The feds have used a concept called parallel construction to fabricate evidence to shore up and cover up an investigation that utilized inadmissible illegally gained evidence.

Parallel construction - Wikipedia

The potential for misuse, fraudulent or simply erroneous prosecution is huge.

As a side note, if you sell or lose your smartphone, the connections to Itunes, Google, Apple, apps, stores, etc, all persist in that device unless the new "owner" has your password to turn them off. So, for example, my sister borrowed a phone from my Mom for a year and then gave it back. When my Mom died, I went through my Mom's stuff, found that phone and it was still attached to those services. Pictures taken from the phone were uploaded to my sisters google account and likewise the iTunes etc still tethered to that device. I could not untether those accounts, even perform a reset, so I sent the phone to my sister to deal with.

"The legislation would also prevent law enforcement from bypassing geofence warrants and buying location data directly, as the Secret Service did, a Vice report uncovered.

“This exact same data can be gathered by all sorts of commercial data brokers using the free apps on our phone,” Cahn says. “Police can potentially use them to get the exact same information as when they send a warrant to Google.”

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